Air Malta Missed Connecting Flight Compensation

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Air Malta missed connecting flight compensation.

Did an airline’s miscalculation lead to your flight being cancelled or delayed, resulting in you missing another flight? According to the EU laws, it may be possible for you to receive monetary compensation from that airline. In this article we’ll provide more information on what is required and how to go about requesting such a payment; as well as share some helpful tips so that similar delays can be avoided in future!

It applies to all Air Malta flights to and from Europe.

Did you miss a connecting flight? File a compensation claim online.

Air Malta Airplane
Air Malta Airplane

UK / EU Flight Compensation

We have several articles on these topics.

Here is a full guide on UK / EU flight compensation regulation. There we talk about all situations, when you can get compensation from the airline and when you have a right to care. We also have separate guides on what to do if you miss connection due to delaystrike, or cancellation of one of your flights.

Here, in this article, we will focus more on the compensation – UK / EU Missed connecting flight compensation.

1. Air Malta Missed Connecting Flight Compensation

Air Malta is the flag carrier airline of Malta.

If Air Malta is responsible for either a flight delay or cancellation, you are entitled to receive compensation. If you experience a missed connecting flight as well due to this disruption, you are entitled to compensation too. It’s referred to as “missed connection flight compensation”, and it is essentially the same as regular delayed-flight compensation.

In a nutshell, if you reach your destination late due to any problems with Air Malta, then you should be offered flight compensation. This is applicable as long as the delay exceeds 3 hours.

There are two conditions that must be met:

  • Your flight must be at least 3 hours late (at the moment of arrival).
  • It must be an airline-protected connecting flight. These rules don’t apply to self-transfer flights two or more separately booked flights. Self transfer connections are not airline’s responsibility but your’s.

1.1 European and non-European airlines

The country of origin of your airline matters.

As a customer flying with Air Malta – a European-registered carrier – you can take comfort knowing that your rights are fully safeguarded when traveling to Europe and from it.

But if your flight is with a non-European carrier such as Qatar Airways or Turkish Airlines – you are protected only on their flights departing FROM European airports (but not on flights originating from any other country).

EU/UK to EU/UKEU/UK to Other countriesOther countries to EU/UK
EU airlines+++
UK airlines+++
Other airlines++

1.2 Self-Transfer Flights

With self transfer, it’s not as easy and stress-free.

For example, one of your flights is with Air Malta and the other is with Ryanair, Wizz Air, or any other airline. Since you’ve booked these flights separately, this means it’s a self transfer – a DIY connecting flight.

You are less protected with self transfers. For example, if your flight delay is less than three hours and it results in missed connection, you may not receive any compensation or get booked on a new flight for free. Therefore it’s important that you consider this potential risk before deciding on a self transfer option.

  • Unfortunately, you are solely responsible for buying a new flight ticket to your destination. None of the airlines can be held accountable since this transfer was entirely created by you and not them.
  • Your first flight was delayed which resulted in you missing the connection. But the delay did not reach the necessary minimum of three hours required for compensation to apply. And as these two flights are considered individual entities (because it’s a self transfer) — you won’t get any flight compensation. Even if you miss your connection.

When it comes to air passenger rights, unless otherwise stated, we talk about air passenger rights in the EU, EEA and UK. When we say Europe or European, we mean EU, EEA or UK. This is done for the simplicity, since the according laws in these countries are about the same.

2. How Much Can You Claim for Missed Connecting Flight?

Mostly it’s 250, 400 or 600 euro per person.

The amounts are regulated by flight compensation regulations.

The longer the flight, the more you can get.

  • 250 EUR – if the flight distance is less than 1500 km;
  • 400 EUR – if the flight distance is between 1500 and 3500 km;
  • 600 EUR – if the flight distance is more than 3500 km.

3. How to File a Claim for Missed Connection Compensation?

There are two options:

  1. You can file a claim with compensation company.
  2. Or, you can do it all on your own.

If you choose the latter (option number 2):

  • Gather all the necessary documents and information required to make a claim – flight tickets, boarding passes, a copy of your passport or ID.
  • Contact Air Malta customer service either through their website contact form or by phone and explain your situation. Find out how you can make a compensation claim.
  • Request flight compensation from Air Malta by submitting all of your personal information, flight details, and any other requested information.
  • Follow up on any requests from Air Malta – provide additional details/documents if requested by them.
  • Be prepared to wait for a few weeks, sometimes more.
  • If there’s no progress, don’t hesitate to remind the airline of their obligations. Reference Regulation 261/2004 EC and make sure they are aware that you know your rights in this situation.
  • If all attempts have failed including direct communication with air carrier representatives seek legal assistance from specialized lawyers in aviation law who are well versed in EU passenger rights enforcement procedures (a flight compensation company).
  • Alternatively, you may seek assistance from a National Enforcement Body.

4. Right to Care from Air Malta

On all Air Malta flights you have a right to care.

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004 airline should provide:

  • Free food and drinks in a reasonable relation to the waiting time.
  • Free hotel accommodation if a stay of one or more nights is necessary;
  • Free airport transfer to hotel and back.
  • Plus, two telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails. So that you can get in touch with your family or friends to inform them about the delay.

It applies to all domestic and international flights with Air Malta. Again, it’s because Air Malta is a European airline. With non-European airlines it applies only to flights departing from European airports.

Hong Kong airport layover
Hong Kong airport

5. Tips on Flight Delays and Missed Connections

The more informed you are, the better.

  • Allow plenty of time for your layover. When booking flights with a connection, make sure to allow at least 2-3 hours between flights just in case your first one ends up being delayed or canceled. This will give you plenty of time to get to your next gate without worrying about missing it due to a delay on your earlier flight.
  • Before heading to the airport, make sure you visit the airline or airport website for any potential delays and cancellations. Staying informed will improve your sense of control when arriving at the terminal.
  • Use a flight tracking website (e.g., FlightStats) to monitor any changes that may affect your connection, such as delays or cancellations. This will help keep you informed about potential disruptions in your travel plans and allow you to contact customer service if needed.
  • If possible, book flights with only one connection since this will give you fewer chances of missing your connecting flight.
  • Investing in travel insurance is a wise decision. Should you need to modify your flight plans, travel insurance will cover the cost as well as any additional charges such as accommodation and transport – especially helpful when flying with multiple airlines (making your self transfer safer).
  • Know your rights! European laws guarantee assistance and support from airlines for any issues during flight that are not caused by you. Knowing this beforehand can bring peace of mind when facing travel disruption. As it offers an effective solution to possible problems.

What is your experience with Air Malta? Have you ever missed a connecting flight with Air Malta? How did the airline solve this? Did you receive missed connecting flight compensation from Air Malta?

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