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AirBaltic Connecting Flights


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This is an airBaltic connecting flights guide.

This comprehensive guide covers everything from how to book connecting flights with airBaltic to baggage policy and EU air passenger rights. airBaltic is a Latvian low-cost airline that operates flights to and from the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, as well as other destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The airline was founded in 1995 and has its main hub at Riga International Airport in Latvia.

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Air Baltic plane up close
AirBaltic plane with Estonian flag livery, Riga International Airport


Is It Protected?

Yes, it’s a protected connection.

Traditional airlines sell airline-protected connecting flights. It’s more convenient and more safe than self-transfer flights. You don’t need a visa for connecting flights like this.

Unless you book flights separately.

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Baggage Rules

Airline takes care of your baggage.

Mostly, you will check in baggage only once — you won’t have to recheck baggage for every flight. This is how it works with full-service airlines and airline-protected connecting flights.

Baggage allowance depends on the ticket, destination and occasionally some other factors. 


Travel Insurance

Make your trip more safe.

Add travel insurance right away. Protect yourself against possible itinerary changes later right from the very beginning. Insurance must be for the duration of the trip.

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1. AirBaltic Connecting Flights

AirBaltic is the flag carrier of Latvia. It is a full-service traditional airline.

What’s the major difference between full-service and budget airlines? Well, being able to book airline-protected connecting flights is one of the most important reasons why people usually opt for full service carriers. Connecting flights offered by airlines are far more reliable than self transfers – a key aspect that sets them apart from their lower cost counterparts.

Airline-protected connecting flights are:

  • Safer. Your airline takes care of flight problems that arise due to flight disruptions.
  • More convenient. Your baggage is transferred to your final destination. No need to collect and recheck it.
  • Easier to book. You can book several flights as a single journey.

AirBaltic sells airline-protected connecting flights.

Just like most traditional airlines.

1.1 Connecting Flights, One Airline

You have booked a connecting flight with airBaltic.

While it is typical for your connecting flight to be operated by airBaltic, there are situations when this may not be the case. Your connecting flight could be operated by two (or more) different airlines than you initially booked with – make sure to read on for more details!

When you book a connection flight with airBaltic, many times your flights will be operated by them, i.e., all of your flight legs will be with airBaltic. You will be traveling on an airBaltic plane, with airBaltic crew.

However, not all connecting flights are operated by a single airline.

1.2 AirBaltic Codeshare Partners

Sometimes airlines share their flights.

Don’t be surprised if you book an airBaltic connecting flight, only to find that it is operated by another airline such as KLM.

It could be partly or fully operated by other airline, airBaltic’s partner.

This type of arrangement, known as a codeshare flight, is quite common in the aviation industry and shouldn’t cause alarm—you are still protected under the EU law. With this kind of agreement between airlines both carriers benefit and travelers get more options at lower prices!

Here’s what should you should know:

  • Should your connecting flight be missed through no fault of your own, contact airBaltic directly. As a “marketing airline,” they are responsible for helping to resolve any missed connection flights as long as the journey was booked with them – i.e., multiple flights on a single booking. Even if a part of your connecting flight is operated by airBaltic’s partner, it also counts as a connecting flight.
  • If your airBaltic flight suffers extensive delays, cancellations or overbookings, you may be eligible for compensation. However, if the flight is operated by an airline other than airBaltic – known as the operating airline – they are liable to pay out flight compensation.

See a list of airBaltic codeshare partners here.

Air Baltic plane engine
Air Baltic plane engine

2. What If airBaltic Cancels a Flight?

Why is airBaltic cancelling flights?

Airline cancellations can happen for a variety of reasons, most commonly due to weather and mechanical delays. Severe weather such as thunderstorms, snowstorms, or high winds can make it unsafe for airlines to take off or land, and cause them to cancel their flights. Mechanical issues such as maintenance problems, failed inspections, and faulty equipment can also lead to flight delays and cancellations.

In the event of a cancelled flight, passengers should be aware of their rights. Because in some situations, you can get flight compensation from the airline.

2.1 One of Your Flights Is Cancelled

AirBaltic is a European airline.

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, airBaltic must:

  • Offer you a choice between a new flight and full refund.
  • Offer you assistance at the airport (you have a right to care).

This applies to all their flights.

If your first airBaltic flight segment is canceled and you need to rebook your connecting flight, don’t worry! The airline will offer a new ticket at no cost so that you can reach your intended destination. And if the rescheduled flight isn’t suitable for your travel plans, then airBaltic offers full refunds – it’s their policy with all cancelled flights.

You may have a right to compensation, too (more on this below).

Did you miss a connecting flight? File a compensation claim online.

2.2 All Your Flights Are Cancelled

Overall, for you as a passenger, the options are the same.

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, airBaltic must:

  • Offer you a choice between a new flight and full refund.
  • Offer you assistance at the airport if it’s a last-minute cancellation and you are already at the airport (you have a right to care).

As airBaltic is a European airline, this applies to all airBaltic flights – both departing from Europe and arriving in Europe.

Keep in mind that refunds are paid within seven days.

You may have a right to EU flight cancellation compensation, too.

2.3 AirBaltic Refund for Cancellation

If you don’t wish to travel anymore, you can ask for a refund.

According to EU laws and regulations, you’re eligible for a full refund which will be issued via bank transfer within seven days.

You don’t have to accept airline vouchers.

Hong Kong airport layover
Hong Kong airport

3. AirBaltic Missed Connecting Flight

Why do people miss connecting flights?

People miss connecting flights for a variety of reasons, some due to causes that are beyond their control such as weather delays and mechanical problems, while others may be more self-inflicted such as misreading the flight schedules or not allowing enough time between connecting flights.

3.1 What Happens If You Miss airBaltic Connection?

If it was caused by something on your part, then the responsibility is yours to bear. However, if not due to any circumstances of yours – don’t worry!

Your airline will take care of that and provide a suitable solution. For instance, let’s say you have booked with airBaltic; regardless whether or not the connecting flight is operated by airBaltic fully, or with a codeshare partner – they must offer assistance in order to fix this particular situation when you unfortunately missed a connection.

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, the airline must:

  • Take you to your final destination as soon as possible.
  • Offer you assistance at the airport (you have a right to care).

Read more: Missed Connecting Flight Due to Delay 

3.2 Right to Compensation from airBaltic

In certain situations, you have a right to compensation.

You are entitled to flight compensation from airBaltic if your flight has been delayed, canceled last-minute or overbooked according to EU Regulation 261/2004. This regulation states that in cases such as these, airBaltic must provide you with a financial compensation amounting up to €600 depending on the distance of your flight.

If it’s a 3-hour delay, and this delay is due to the airline’s fault, it’s highly likely that you will get flight delay compensation.

Flight cancelled less than 2 weeks before the trip (due to the airline’s fault)?

You might be entitled to flight cancellation compensation.


File a Claim Online

3.3 Right to Care from airBaltic

On all airBaltic flights you have a right to care.

When you have to wait at the airport due to a long flight delay, last-minute cancellation or flight overbooking, there are a number of free services airBaltic has to provide you.

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, the airline must provide:

  • Free food and drinks in a reasonable relation to the waiting time.
  • Free hotel accommodation if a stay of one or more nights is necessary;
  • Free airport transfer to hotel and back to the airport.
  • Plus, two telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails. So that you can notify your loved ones about a change in your travel plans. 

Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, airBaltic’s policy applies to all flights, due to it being an European carrier. With non-European airlines (Delta, Qatar Airways, Qantas, etc.) this is only applicable when departing from a European airport.

When it comes to air passenger rights, unless otherwise stated, we talk about air passenger rights in the EU, EEA and UK. When we say Europe or European, we mean EU, EEA or UK. This is done for the simplicity, since the according laws in these countries are about the same.

Istanbul Airport
Istanbul Airport

4. How to Book Connecting Flights with airBaltic?

If you want to book a connecting flight, there are multiple ways to do so.

The best choices involve reserving it straight from the airline itself – in this instance, airBaltic – or via an online travel agency such as

How to Book?

Airline website (directly).

This is the easiest way to book a connecting flight. It’s also the safest way to book a connection. You make a single booking, have a single reservation code and the booking includes several flights. Sometimes they are all with one airline, other times – two or more. Anyway, in this case, you can be 100% sure that you have a proper connecting flight.

Other Option

Flight booking websites.

Few examples:,,

Pay attention to the details. Because some of these sites are only search engines, and sellers are other websites. Apart from that, they often sell both airline-protected connecting flights and self-transfer flights. If it’s a self-transfer, know that it comes with its own risks, and there are things you should take into account. Self-transfer is not the same thing as airline-protected transfer. 

For extra protection, buy also a travel insurance covering flight disruptions, or book with sites like, who offer extra protection.

With you are more protected than normally.

Read more: How to Book Connecting Flights?

Two backpacks

5. AirBaltic Connecting Flights: Baggage

Since airBaltic is a traditional airline, everything’s very easy.

Baggage rules on connecting flights with airBaltic are simple.

Air Baltic takes care of your baggage. When you check your luggage in at the beginning of your journey, it will typically make its way to your final destination without any intervention from you. If travelling through countries such as the US that require collection and rechecking of baggage, inquire with staff at check-in/baggage drop counter whether or not you will need to recheck your bags.

On a self transfer flight, passengers are responsible for transferring their own luggage from one flight to another. This means that you will have to collect your bags and recheck them after each flight. It’s important to make sure you have enough time between flights to do this, as well as any security checks or customs procedures that may be required.

5.1 Baggage Transfer: Different Airlines

What happens if there are several airlines?

What if a part of your journey is with another airline – airBaltic’s partner?

If multiple airlines are involved, if one leg of your journey is operated by a partner airline of airBaltic, rest assured that the same rules apply – your baggage will still be handled – most likely it will be sent to your final destination.

This applies to airline-protected connecting flights only.

If you have a self transfer, you will need to collect and recheck your bag.

Read more:

5.2 AirBaltic Free Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance varies — it’s not the same on all flights.

Baggage allowance varies depending on the airline and even the specific ticket type or fare class you purchase. Some airlines offer free checked bags while others charge for them. The weight and size limits of both checked and carry-on luggage may also differ from airline to airline. It’s important to check with your airline before your flight to understand their baggage policies and avoid any unexpected fees or issues at the airport.

To see your airBaltic baggage allowance, check your booking confirmation, or view your booking details here.

If you haven’t booked a flight yet, pay attention to baggage allowance. 

5.3 Economy Light

This is the cheapest option for long-haul flights.

An Economy Light ticket is a type of airfare that some airlines offer for passengers who are looking for the lowest possible price. This fare class typically includes fewer amenities and benefits than other economy fares, such as limited seat selection options, no refund or change options and no free checked baggage allowance.

Passengers traveling on an Economy Light ticket may need to pay extra fees for things like checked baggage, seat selection, and in-flight meals or drinks.

AirBaltic also offers an Economy Light ticket class (called “Green”) that does not include checked baggage. Passengers traveling on this fare must purchase any checked baggage separately or only travel with carry-on luggage that meets the airline’s size and weight requirements.

It’s important to check the specific terms and conditions of your ticket before you fly to avoid any unexpected fees or issues at the airport.

Teide Cable Car in Tenerife
Teide Cable Car in Tenerife – Photo by Andrea Imre from Pexels

6. Connecting Flight Examples

Here are two connecting flight examples with airBaltic.

6.1 Protected Connecting Flights with airBaltic (Most Common)

I’ll use the website of airBaltic to search connecting flights.

For example, I want to fly from Vilnius (Lithuania) to Tenerife.

I searched for flights for May 3, and these are my options:

Vilnius to Tenerife connecting flight with airBaltic
Vilnius to Tenerife connecting flight with airBaltic

You can book connecting flights on the website of airBaltic. It’s actually the best and safest option. If you need to make changes to your itinerary or have any issues with your flights, it’s generally easier to get help from the airline directly than from a third-party site. Airlines have dedicated customer service teams that can assist you quickly and efficiently.

As you can see, there are two options you can choose from – a 23-hour 50-minute long connecting flight and a shorter, 17-hour 30-minute flight.

Let’s choose the shortest flight since they both cost the same.

When you choose the flight, and click on flight details, you see that the flight is operated by airBaltic – both of its flight legs. No codeshare partners involved.

Choosing a flight and checking flight details
Choosing a flight and checking flight details – airBaltic connecting flight

Booking an airBaltic connecting flight from Vilnius to Tenerife is easy.

There are only a couple of options to choose from. On some days, it’s only one option. When booking a connecting flight with larger airlines such as KLM or Air France, you will be provided with more options. Airlines generally offer a variety of connecting flights that can vary in terms of the number of connections, layover time, departure and arrival times, and price.

You could choose a flight with a shorter layover time but higher price, or one with a longer layover but lower price. You might also be able to select different departure or arrival times that better fit your schedule.

When booking a connecting flight, it’s important to carefully review all of your options and consider factors such as travel time, cost, and convenience before making a decision.

6.2 Self-Transfer Flights with airBaltic

What if Tenerife is not your final destination?

What if you have another flight?

Let’s assume that you want to spend only one night in Tenerife, and your final destination is Gran Canaria. You will spend more time in Tenerife on your way back.

  1. Book a connecting flight from Vilnius to Tenerife, just like in the example above. Choose the shortest connecting flight which lands in Tenerife on 4th of May at 1:10 pm (you’ll have an overnight layover in Riga, Latvia).
  2. Go to, or some other flight finder, and choose a flight from Tenerife to Gran Canaria. It’s best to use flight finders only to find flights. Book the flight directly from the airline.
  3. Pay attention to airport codes. You are arriving in TFS airport (Tenerife South). Book a flight from the same airport. It might be more expensive but you won’t need to travel across the island. If you do book a flight from Tenerife’s second airport (Tenerife North – TFN), make sure you leave plenty of time for travel between the two airports.

You are traveling to Tenerife on an airline-protected connecting flight. If your first flight is delayed or cancelled, and because of that you miss your next flight, airBaltic will take care of this issue. The airline will put you on another flight for free. This far you are protected by airline.

However, the last leg, Tenerife – Gran Canaria, is a separate flight, with a stopover in Tenerife. It’s called a self-transfer flight.

You check in for that flight separately, and check in your baggage yourself. You won’t be receiving compensation for that flight if any of previous flights get rescheduled. Also you won’t be receiving a new flight ticket if you miss this flight due to issues with the previous flight.

You are spending one day in Tenerife. So it’s considered to be a safe self transfer. In most cases self transfers like this work out very well.

What is your experience with airBaltic? Have you ever missed a connecting flight with airBaltic? How did the airline solve this? Did you receive compensation from airBaltic?

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