Connecting Flights Rules, Regulations & Air Travel Terms

  • What Is a Layover?

    What Is a Layover?

    Flight layover is a stop between flights. It’s a term you hear when reading about connecting flights. You have not one but two or more flights, and layover is a stop between flights. Sometimes it’s referred to as a connection. It’s not the same thing as a stopover. And there are also differences depending on […]

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  • Missed Connecting Flight Due to Delay (Compensation, Right to Care, Rules)

    Missed Connecting Flight Due to Delay (Compensation, Right to Care, Rules)

    You have missed flight connection. You have missed connecting flight due to delay of the previous flight, or due to cancellation of the previous flight. In this case it doesn’t matter if it was a delay or cancellation. In both situations, the rules are about the same. What matters, however, is — what kind of […]

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  • UK / EU Flight Compensation Guide

    UK / EU Flight Compensation Guide

    UK / EU flight compensation rules, step by step. How to get compensation from the airlinlae? In what cases the airline is obliged to pay compensation to its customers? How to know if you are you entitled to compensation? How much can you receive? Do you need insurance to get compensation? What’s the best way […]

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  • Right to Care (EU, UK Law)

    Right to Care (EU, UK Law)

    Regulation 261/2004 and Regulation UK261. These are two, basically identical laws on air passenger rights in Europe. There are similar regulations and laws in other countries, but here we’ll focus on these two. According to them, if your flight is delayed, cancelled, or you’ve been denied boarding, you have a right to care from airline. […]

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  • Self-Transfer Flights

    Self-Transfer Flights

    Let’s talk about self-transfer flights! Some people call them connecting flights, and it’s kind of true. That’s why we also talk about them here. But there’s a big difference, a huge difference, between self-transfer connecting flights and proper airline-protected connecting flights, and you should know about it. In short, with self-transfer flights you’re less protected. […]

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  • Connecting Flights

    Connecting Flights

    This is a guide to connecting flights. There are two types of connecting flights. First are airline-protected connecting flights, second — so-called self-transfer flights. In this guide we are going to talk about both. Since both are very popular and people often don’t know the difference. We will answer all the most frequently asked questions […]

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