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How Do I Know If My Flight Is a Self Transfer?


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How do I know if my flight is a self transfer?

A self-transfer flight is a flight where a passenger arranges their own itinerary by combining two or more separate flights, often on different airlines, rather than booking a single itinerary through one airline (i.e., connecting flight). But how to tell that a flight you have booked is a self transfer?

There are a few ways you can tell if it’s a self-transfer flight.

Read on to find out.

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Ryanair plane about to depart

How Do I Know If My Flight Is a Self Transfer?

A self transfer is a DIY connecting flight.

1. Booking Flights Separately

If you book two or more flights separately (not under one booking), it’s a self transfer. These flights can be with one airline, or with multiple airlines. If they are booked separately, you have a self transfer.

A self transfer can be a combination of flights of different airline types. A self-transfer flight can be both with low-cost airlines, or with traditional, full-service airlines. Or it can be a mix of both. As long as the flights are booked separately, and each of them have their own booking reference number, they are self-transfer flights.

2. Booking With Low-Cost Airlines

If you are booking flight with low-cost airlines, you might end up booking a self-transfer flight. Most of low-cost airlines don’t offer connecting flights.

Yes, you can buy several flights from Ryanair or Wizz Air. But they aren’t connecting flights. They are separately booked flights. So, if at least one of the airlines is a budget airline, like Ryanair in this example, it’s almost 100% clear that it’s a self-transfer flight.

3. Using Skyscanner, Kiwi or Other Similar Websites

When you book a flight using a third party flight booking website (i.e., Skyscanner or Kiwi), it is clearly stated that it’s a self-transfer flight.

For example, I want to book a flight from from Riga to Marrakech. I go on Skyscanner, a popular flight search website, and search for Riga – Marrakech flights. Then I clicked on one of the top results.

Skyscanner clearly states that it’s a self-transfer flight.

If you see that the itinerary includes a change of airports, it’s definitely a self-transfer flight.

Self transfer flight to Marrakech
Self transfer flight to Marrakech

If you have a self-transfer flight, the airline/airlines won’t treat it as a proper airline-protected connecting flight. You’ll have to check in for every flight yourself, collect and recheck your bags and go through passport control.

With self-transfer flights, you are not as protected as with airline-protected connecting flights.

What is your experience with self-transfer flights? How do you book self-transfer flights? Do you do it directly or with flight booking websites? Do you buy travel insurance?

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