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Onward Ticket Review


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This is a review. is a service that provides flight reservations. These are temporary flight reservations that are automatically cancelled. The whole purpose of these reservations is to be a proof of onward travel. Because sometimes you need that – a proof of onward travel, or a return ticket, but you aren’t sure when you are going to travel.

In this blog post, we will review Onward Ticket and how it can be a hassle-free solution for travelers worldwide.

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1. “Proof of Onward Travel” Rule

There are times when you need a proof of onward travel.

More and more countries are asking for a proof of onward travel (it can be a return ticket). Mostly that’s the airlines asking you to show the ticket. And then there are situations when they ask you for a ticket even when the country doesn’t explicitly asks for anything at all. Long story short – traveling internationally on a one-way ticket is getting harder.

And you want to have that ticket, that proof that you are going to leave the country in 2, 3, 5 weeks. Because, otherwise, you may also be denied boarding if you don’t have an onward ticket. Or, the worst case scenario – you may be denied entry into the country without an onward ticket.

We have a dedicated guide to onward tickets. This here is just a review of one service providing onward tickets. To learn more about the topic, check out our complete onward ticket FAQ.

So, you want an onward ticket.

Especially if the country is asking for it.

2. What Is “Onward Ticket”?

Onward Ticket is an online ticketing service that provides travelers with a verifiable proof of onward travel.

It is a convenient solution for everyone who are required to provide an assurance of onward travel before entering a country. This is usually required in countries that require a visa on arrival, and it might be advisable to show proof of onward travel when traveling without a return ticket or the duration of visa-free stay exceeds what was generally granted.

Onward Ticket reservation
Onward Ticket reservation

3. Onward Ticket Review: Here’s How This Service Works

There are several ways you can get an onward ticket.

You can just buy a return flight. You can buy a refundable ticket and then cancel it. Or, you can use a service like to do the latter on your behalf.

3.1 It’s a Real Flight Reservation/Ticket

It’s not a fake onward ticket.

See, the photo above – this is what you are getting.

Onward Ticket books a real flight for you.

  1. You go to
  2. You click “Book now”
  3. You fill in the details (takes 1 minute)
  4. You make a payment.
  5. You receive the reservation in your email.

This is one of the easiest reservations you will ever make. These are the biggest pros of Onward Ticket service – the convenience and speed. It is so easy that you can also do it on your way to the airport – though, I wouldn’t recommend that, just in case there is a problem with internet, or there are any hiccups.

Just google Onward Ticket reviews, and you’ll see that I’m not the only one excited about this service. There are alternatives to Onward Ticket. Quite a lot. We have used several of them. However, at the moment Onward Ticket seem to have the best and easiest to use reservation system.

3.2 How Long Is the Onward Ticket Flight Reservation Valid?

Onward Ticket flight reservation is for 48 hours.

What you do is you basically rent an onward ticket.

Some services offer reservations that are only for 24 hours.

Please take that into account! You want the flight reservation to be active from the moment when you are going to the airport (to show it to the airline staff, if asked) until when you arrive and go through immigration control (to show the immigration officer). 48 hours is more than enough for most long-distance flights. Just don’t get the ticket too soon, or book it for later.

3.3 Can You Actually Fly?

No, you can’t use this reservation to fly.

This reservation made by Onward Ticket has only one purpose – to be a proof of onward travel/return travel. And to make your travel experience with a one-way ticket as hassle-free as possible.

Onward Ticket is legal, but there is a but…

Onward Ticket is a travel agent. They book flights, and they cancel flights. That’s nothing extraordinary. This is what travel agents do.

But the thing is that you (yes, you) know that you aren’t going to leave the country on this flight. You are showing this ticket to airline staff and to immigration staff as a proof of your onward travel, but you know that it’s a flight ticket that is not going to be used. It’s going to be cancelled in 1-2 days.

At the same time – that’s legal too.

You may have arrived to the airport, or to the country, changed the mind at that exact moment, and decided that you aren’t going to use the ticket that you have. You want to stay longer. Or, you want to stay less. Or, you are leaving the country in some other way than initially planned. I think you got it.

So, the answer is – it is legal.

Despite the fact that it may feel sketchy.

Onward ticket - plane ticket

4. Why Use Onward Ticket?

The most significant advantage of using Onward Ticket is its hassle-free solution to travelers. Rather than purchasing a forward or return ticket, Onward Ticket provides a much cheaper and more convenient service when you are not sure of your schedule. Some of us just need that spontaneity of one-way travel.

Airlines usually charge hefty fees for modifying flight reservations, and in some cases, the fee charged is more than the actual cost of the ticket. With Onward Ticket, you can easily change your travel plans.

Furthermore, it offers the comfort of not worrying about missing flights or over-committing to a specific itinerary.

We like very much.

What is your experience with onward tickets? Have you even had any problems traveling without an onward ticket? Have you tried onward flight ticket rental services like

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