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Self-Transfer Flights Baggage Rules


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What are self-transfer flights baggage rules?

The most important thing to understand here is that self-transfer flights are separate flights. Even though you may have booked them in a single booking; nowadays it is possible. Accordingly, since these are separate flights, baggage rules may and likely will differ from one flight to another. And that’s the number one thing to take into account – you have two or more separate flights.

Below is a 4-step process, how to think about the baggage.

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Self-Transfer Flights Baggage Rules

Remember about these 4 simple things.

1. Different Airlines Mean Different Baggage Allowance

Flying with one airline? If all of your flights are with one airline, all your flights have the same baggage rules. Most likely.

It’s still worth double-checking, but most likely they are the same.

Flying with different airlines? Many self-transfer flights are with different airlines. For example, one flight with Wizz Air and other with Ryanair. In this case, check the rules of every airline. These rules may be very different. See both the carry-on baggage and checked baggage rules.

There’s no such thing as one set of self-transfer flights baggage rules. These rules differ from airline to airline.

2. Dimensions of Baggage Matter, Too

Don’t forget that dimensions of baggage matter.

And they can differ a lot from airline to airline.

This is especially true with carry on baggage and with low-cost airlines. Some airlines are particularly strict with carry on baggage and allow only a small, personal-item size bag for free. For anything bigger than that, you may be asked to pay an extra carry on bag fee.

3. These Are Separate Flights, You Pay for Every Flight Separately

You pay for every flight and all the extras related to it separately.

Even if these are two flights with one airline. Let’s say you have two flights with Ryanair, Wizz Air or easyJet. If it’s a self-transfer – separate flights – you pay for baggage for every flight separately. If extra carry-on allowance costs 20 euro, mostly it’s per flight. If you have 2 flights, you’ll pay 40 euro (2 x 20 euro). If it’s a return journey with 4 flights, it’s going to be a total of 80 euro (4 x 20 euro).

The same applies both to carry-on and checked baggage. This is something many tend to forget when thinking about self transfer flight baggage rules, that they are about all types of baggage, not only checked baggage.

Don’t forget also that fees differ from airline to airline. It’s better not to assume anything but check on the website of the airline (all baggage fees).

4. You Do the Baggage Transfer on Self-Transfer Flights

Last but not least — you do the baggage transfer.

Yes, not the airline you are flying with, but you do the transfer. With self-transfer flights, you collect baggage after every single flight and re-check it for every single flight. This is how baggage transfer works on self-transfer flights. While on connecting flights baggage transfer all of it is done by the airline.

Make sure to allow yourself enough time for this.

Don’t risk with very short layovers!

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Self Transfer Without Luggage?

We have a separate guide on self transfer without luggage.

There we talk about the whole transfer procedure in situations like this.

When it comes to baggage rules, you only have to pay attention to carry-on baggage allowance. Because in this case, this is the only baggage that you have. As already mentioned, these rules differ too. You may have to pay for carry on baggage. And you may also have to pay twice, if on both flights your bag is too big for the free carry on baggage allowance.

Final Thoughts: Know Your Baggage Allowance for Each Flight

Remember that it is not the same for all airlines.

Remember this, double-check the information, and you’ll be fine.

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