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What to Do if You Miss Your Self-Transfer Flight?


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What to do if you miss your self-transfer flight?

If you miss a self transfer, it can be frustrating as you have to organize and pay for a new flight yourself. Airlines typically protect connecting flights, but they do not do the same for self-transfer flights. This means that travelers are responsible for dealing with the situation on their own. In this article, we will offer advice on what to do if you miss your self-transfer flight.

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What to Do if You Miss Your Self-Transfer Flight?

What to do if you miss your self-transfer flight?

As you might already know, self-transfer flights are not protected by the airline.

This is because self-transfer flights are DIY connections made by the passenger, not the airline itself. That’s why the airline is not responsible for self transfers.

When you book a self-transfer flight, each itinerary is separate. This means that the first airline is only responsible for getting you to the first destination, not the second one.

Is self transfer safe? Not really. It’s not as safe as a regular connecting flight. If you miss your self transfer connection, you will have to deal with the consequences yourself. Read on to find out how to deal with a missed self transfer.

1. Book a New Flight

If you miss your self-transfer, you will need to book a new flight. 

If you have two separate flights with the same airline or different airlines, it is considered a self-transfer. Neither airline is responsible for this type of connection, so you will need to purchase a new flight. The airline will not do it for you because they are not responsible for self-transfer flights.

2. Collect and Recheck Your Bag

You’re in charge of your luggage all the way through. From collection at a layover airport to rechecking, make sure it moves along with you at every airport. 

Because it is your responsibility to keep track of your luggage throughout your journey. No airline will do it for you because it’s a self-transfer flight. 

Remember to follow any baggage regulations or policies set by the airline you are traveling with.

Book a self transfer without luggage to avoid any hassle and delays due to luggage.

3. Check Your Travel Insurance

What to do if you miss your self-transfer flight?

See if your travel insurance can cover the costs!

If you have travel insurance, it may cover the cost of a missed flight due to circumstances such delay or cancellation of the previous flight. Check your insurance policy to see what is covered and how to make a claim.

4. Consider Alternative Transportation

See if you can get to your destination some other way.

Consider using alternative transportation options such as trains or buses, depending on how far you need to travel and how much time you have.

5. Find Out if You Have a Right to Receive Care

You may have a right to care.

The right to care refers to the duty of an airline to provide basic necessities like food and accommodation for passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled. This duty is based on EU Regulation 261/2004, which states that airlines are obliged to offer meals and refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time, as well as overnight accommodation when necessary. 

Airlines should also provide transportation between place of accommodation and place of departure at no extra cost.

6. Find Out if You Can You Get Compensation

You might be entitled to compensation.

Not because you missed your self-transfer flight, but because your flight was delayed or cancelled.

You might be entitled to compensation if:

  • Your flight is canceled by the airline and you are not informed at least 14 days in advance;
  • Your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours upon arrival;
  • You have a valid ticket and are denied boarding involuntarily due to overbooking.

Conditions apply, though.

The disruption must be due to the airline’s fault.

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How to Minimize the Impact of Missing Your Connection?

Minimize the impact of missed connection by purchasing travel insurance or booking a safe self transfer.

And always plan ahead.

1. Buy Insurance

Buy a self-transfer flight and then buy an insurance covering flight disruptions. In this case you buy travel insurance separately. You may also have it included, for example, with your credit card. If it’s included in your credit card, you don’t have to buy another insurance.

In both cases you’re protected, and will be paid for your lost flight.

2. Book an Insured Connection

Or book an insured connection. Flight booking website sells insured self-transfer flights. They call their insurance Kiwi Guarantee. You can read more about it on their website. In short, it doesn’t just give you a protection (they don’t just pay for your lost flight), but it also includes assistance. You let them know of the problem and they take care of your travel arrangements — they provide you with a new flight, which is pretty awesome.

3. Plan Ahead

In addition to buying insurance, plan ahead!

To avoid missing your self-transfer flight in the future, make sure to schedule enough time between your flights to account for possible delays.

It’s best to book a self transfer with at least 4 or even 5 hours in-between the flight legs.

Read more: How to make self transfer safe?

Do you have more questions about what to do if you miss your self-transfer flight? Have you ever missed a self-transfer flight? How did you deal with it? 

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