About Us

People love to travel. Millions travel.

At the same time, most don’t understand the regulations and laws. Most don’t know what to do when things go bad, what to do when flights get cancelled or delayed. Most don’t know about their rights. Rarely anyone fully understands what and from whom they are buying when making an online reservation.

There are millions of travel bloggers.

But rarely anyone talks about this kind of stuff.

Connecting Flights Guide is your go-to guide to air travel rules and regulations. Connecting flights, self-transfer flights, onward tickets and more – we want you to understand air travel better.

That’s why we created this website, this blog about connecting flights rules, air travel rules and regulations. We’ll be covering everything from how to book connecting flights and the general rules, to what are your rights in case you miss a connection. Because we want you to understand air travel better.

Team – Connecting Flights Guide

We are Kaspars and Una, the founders of this website.

We are professional travelers and digital nomads.

We have been traveling extensively since 2012.

Connecting Flights Guide is the place, where we share our avation and air travel know-how, industry news and air travel tips. Everything we have learned about air travel and travel in general since 2012.


Una Baufala

Co-founder and Editor at Connecting Flights Guide

Una is an organized globetrotter and foodie who’s been living a digital nomad lifestyle since 2013. She always starts her day early with a good book before diving into work. Apart from traveling, her other passions include gym, hiking and cycling. Una is also a strong proponent of AI technology. She firmly believes in its potential to simplify life and has often advocated for its wider adoption in our day-to-day activities.

Kaspars in Uzbekistan copy

Kaspars Misins

Co-founder and Editor at Connecting Flights Guide

Kaspars is a digital nomad and travel blogger who’s been traveling the world extensively since 2012. Since 2017, Kaspars has been writing about the less-known aspects of air travel, things like air passenger rights laws and regulations. He’s really good at simplifying complex concepts and making them easily understandable.