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Is Baggage Included on Connecting Flights?


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Not that long ago the answer to this question was super easy.

Connecting flights were offered only by full-service airlines, and baggage was always included in the price of the ticket. However, now the things are changing. The lines between full-service airlines and low-cost airlines are increasingly blurring, and you have to check this for every flight separately.

Because – sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t included.

Travel suitcase - checked baggage

1. Is Baggage Included on Connecting Flights?

Sometimes it is and sometimes isn’t. Sometimes you can take one or even two pieces of checked baggage for free, it’s included in the pricee, and sometimes you have to pay extra for all checked baggage on connecting flights.

Yes, here we are talking about checked baggage. We also have a separate guide on baggage handling on connecting flights.

Here’s why there’s no one answer anymore.

In 2023, in most of situations it’s still full-service airlines that offer connecting flights. I mean proper connecting flights:

  • where you check in once and get all your boarding passes,
  • where you check in your bag once and it’s delivered to your destination,
  • where if you miss a connecting flight, you are given a new flight for free, as long as it’s not your fault.

Most of these flights are operated by full-service airlines.

And the thing is – full-service airlines have started to change their baggage policies. Now, more and more full-service airlines offer Economy Light tickets without any checked baggage. You can travel also with a checked baggage with Economy Light but the baggage costs extra.

Carry on baggage - backpack
Carry on baggage – backpack

2. Low-Cost Airlines Mostly Don’t Include Checked Baggage

Another thing that’s changing in aviation – it’s not only full-service airlines anymore that offer connecting flights, low-cost airlines have started offering connecting flights too. Mostly, these connecting flights with low-cost airlines are without any free baggage allowance.

  • You pay for checked baggage separately
  • There are strict carry-on baggage rules (very often). You may be required to pay extra even for a carry on

Therefore, if you choose to fly with a budget airline, it’s essential to pack minimally and efficiently, to avoid unexpected costs and make the most out of their competitive ticket prices.

2.1 Baggage on Self-Transfer Flights

If it’s a self-transfer flight (separately booked flights):

  • You pay for every flight separately
  • Baggage rules may differ from flight to flight
  • You collect and re-check baggage after every flight

For more information on baggage rules on self-transfer flights, check out the in-depth baggage guide linked below.

Read more: Self-Transfer Flights Baggage Rules

3. Do You Have to Re-Check Your Baggage?

Generally speaking, if your flights are on the same ticket and with the same airline or an airline partner, your baggage will be transferred to your final destination without any additional charge.

See our guides on baggage:

If you’re still unsure about the baggage policy for your connecting flights, it’s recommended that you check with your airline directly or consult a travel agent. You can also find information about baggage rules on the airline’s website or in the booking confirmation email sent to you.

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