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KLM Missed Connecting Flight Compensation


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KLM missed connecting flight compensation.

If your KLM flight is canceled or delayed due to the airline’s mistake, and this disrupts your connecting flight, you might have the right to obtain financial compensation for it. In addition to missed connecting flight compensation, you may also be eligible for other forms of assistance such as meals, refreshments, accommodation and free transfer to accommodation.

These rules apply to all KLM flights. Keep reading to learn more.

Did you miss a connecting flight? File a compensation claim online.

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UK / EU Flight Compensation

We have several articles on these topics.

Here is a full guide on UK / EU flight compensation regulation. There we talk about all situations, when you can get compensation from the airline and when you have a right to care. We also have separate guides on what to do if you miss connection due to delaystrike, or cancellation of one of your flights.

Here, in this article, we will focus more on the compensation – UK / EU Missed connecting flight compensation.

1. KLM Missed Connecting Flight Compensation

KLM is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. 

Your KLM flight is delayed or cancelled. If the delay/cancellation is due to circumstances that are within KLM’s control, such as technical issues or staffing shortages, you may be eligible for compensation from the airline. If you experience a missed connecting flight due to this incident, you are entitled to compensation as well.

To put it plainly, if your trip with KLM didn’t arrive on time and the delay was at least three hours long, you are eligible for compensation from KLM. This includes missed connections, too.

There are two conditions that must be met:

  • Your flight must be 3 or more hours late. Calculate the delay time at the moment of arriving to your destination (specifically – when the doors of the aircraft are opened, and passengers are free to go).
  • It must be an airline-protected connecting flight. These rules don’t apply to self-transfer flights.

1.1 European and non-European airlines

The country of origin of your airline matters.

European Union (EU) airlines are subject to the highest standards of passenger rights protection, with a comprehensive set of regulations aimed at safeguarding travelers from any kind of problems. These rights cover issues such as compensation for delayed or canceled flights, reimbursement and compensation for denied boarding and lost or damaged luggage, and many others.

KLM is a European airline, and you are protected on all of its flights.

But what if you are flying with Delta or Turkish Airlines? These are not European airlines. If you have a flight with a non-European airline, you are protected only when travelling FROM Europe but not on flights originating from any other country.

EU/UK to EU/UKEU/UK to Other countriesOther countries to EU/UK
EU airlines+++
UK airlines+++
Other airlines++

1.2 Self-Transfer Flights

With self transfer, it’s not as easy and stress-free.

So, what is a self transfer? Let’s illustrate with an example to make it clear.

You have a flight with KLM. And then, after a few hours, you have a next flight – this time, with easyJet. You’ve booked these flights separately. It wasn’t a connecting flight booked from KLM. This is called a self transfer or a DIY connecting flight. The airline didn’t plan and make this connection; you did.

It’s important to understand that you are less protected with self transfers. For instance, your KLM flight is delayed, but delay falls short of three hours. Unfortunately, it still causes you to miss the next plane (easyJet in this situation). In such cases, neither compensation nor another ticket will be provided. You’ve booked these flights separately, so it’s not an airline-protected connecting flight (two or more flights booked under one reference number). That’s why it’s essential that you consider this potential risk before deciding on a self transfer option.

  • You won’t get a new flight to your destination for free, because it’s a self transfer. No airline is responsible for self transfers.
  • Your flight isn’t delayed for the minimum of 3 hours. You won’t get any flight compensation. Even if you miss your connection.

When it comes to air passenger rights, unless otherwise stated, we talk about air passenger rights in the EU, EEA and UK. When we say Europe or European, we mean EU, EEA or UK. This is done for the simplicity, since the according laws in these countries are about the same.

2. How Much Can You Claim for Missed Connecting Flight?

Mostly it’s 250, 400 or 600 euro per person.

The amounts are regulated by flight compensation regulations.

The longer the flight, the more you can get.

  • 250 EUR – if the flight distance is less than 1500 km;
  • 400 EUR – if the flight distance is between 1500 and 3500 km;
  • 600 EUR – if the flight distance is more than 3500 km.

3. How to File a Claim for Missed Connection Compensation?

There are two options:

  1. You can file a claim with compensation company.
  2. Or, you can do it all on your own.

If you choose the latter (option number 2):

  • Fill out the KLM complaint form which can be found online.
  • You will need to provide information about your flight, including the number of passengers (on your booking), flight dates and times, any delays or cancellations experienced, and reasons for the disruption.
  • Make sure to include as much detail as possible in order to help KLM identify any potential issues with your journey.
  • Once your form is filled out and submitted, KLM will review the information you provided. If they deem that you are eligible to receive compensation, they will contact you via email or phone with further instructions on how to proceed with the claim process.
  • You may be asked to provide additional evidence such as copies of tickets or boarding passes. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents for KLM to review your case before submitting these.
  • If KLM refuses to pay compensation for a flight, it is important to review the rights of passengers under the European Union’s Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004.
  • If you feel that the airline’s decision is incorrect (compensation should be given), then make a claim with a flight compensation firm, as shown in Option No 1. Or you can ask for help from your country’s National Enforcement Body.

4. Right to Care from KLM

On all KLM flights you have a right to care.

If you miss your KLM connecting flight, it is important to seek assistance from KLM airline staff as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, KLM may be able to re-issue a ticket for another flight or provide alternative options. They may also be able to provide hotel and meal vouchers if the delay requires an overnight stay while waiting for the next available connection.

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, the airline should provide:

  • Free food and drinks in a reasonable relation to the waiting time.
  • Free hotel accommodation if a stay of one or more nights is necessary;
  • Free airport transfer to hotel and back.
  • Plus, two telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails. The airline has to provide you with this, too. You’ll probably need to inform your loved ones about your disrupted flight and changes in your travel plans.

With KLM, it applies to all domestic and international flights. Again, it’s because KLM is a European airline. With non-European airlines it applies only to flights departing from European airports.

Hong Kong airport layover
Hong Kong airport

5. Tips on Flight Delays and Missed Connections

Missing a flight can be a very stressful experience.

While most airlines, including KLM, have strict procedures in place to ensure passengers don’t miss their flight, there are still certain measures travelers can take to ensure they don’t end up missing their connection. Here are some tips for avoiding missed connections with KLM (or other airline for that matter).

  • Check the status of your connecting flight before leaving for the airport. KLM offers customers the ability to check their flight status online, so make sure you take advantage of that and double-check that everything is on track before heading to the airport. You can use flight trackers (e.g., FlightStats) to keep an eye on your flight status. 
  • Before you go to the airport, check the airline’s or airport’s website for any warnings of potential delays or cancellations. If there are numerous flight delays due to bad weather or strike, it’s possible that your flight will be delayed, too.  You won’t be able to avoid a delay, but you will feel more in control when arriving to the airport informed.
  • Allow plenty of time between connections. It’s important to allow some extra time in case of any unexpected delays. Especially if it’s a self transfer.
  • Buy travel insurance. Travel insurance is a critical aspect of any trip, whether you’re flying abroad for business or pleasure. It can provide peace of mind and financial protection if something goes wrong during your travels (including trip disruption).
  • Ensure you are aware of your rights. If a problem arises with your flight that is not caused by any fault on your part, European regulations guarantee airline support. Knowing this beforehand can provide peace of mind during times when travel plans may be interrupted, as well as more effective solutions to the issue at hand.

What is your experience with KLM? Have you ever missed a connecting flight with KLM? How did the airline solve this? Did you receive missed connection compensation from KLM?

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